Urbiztondo Nubians

2-G Farms, Pennyroyal

 2017 Herdsires

Pennyroyal Frida's Jupiter

Sire: Elk Brook RPF Rafferty, LA 86 (V+E) @ 01-03

Dam: SG Pennyroyal Frida 3M, LA 88 (VEVV) @ 05-01, 2013 ADGA Nubian National Top Ten #1in Butterfat, # 6 in Protein, # 5 in Milk Production; 2010 ADGA Nubian National Top Ten #1 in Butterfat, #4 in Milk Production, #6 in Protein and INBA 2011 Gold Certificates Award for Milk, Fat and Protein. INBA (International Nubian Breeders Association).


Sire: Pennyroyal Frida's Jupiter

Dam: 2-G Farm UBZN RS Jewel 

  Fulcrum is my project buck in 2010, when Pennyroyal Frida and Aja-Sammati JB Grand Sophy made Top Ten in Volume and Components (Butterfat/Protein). They contended in 2013 for Top 1 in Butter Fat for Frida and No. 5 for Sophy. I brought in Pennyroyal Frida's Jupiter in 2012 and two daughters of Sophy (2-G farm RS Harmony and Jewel) to make the Frida and Sophy breeding possible. Incidentally Sophy made Top Ten in Volume and Components in 2009, 2010 Top Ten #6 Production #3 BF,  and and 8th in Butter Fat in 2011. These will be the corner stone of the Urbiztondo Nubians. Nubians produce milk with highest butterfat content. I want to keep it that way. - mv

Orbit is one of the last kids of Crow's Dairy Nova Noel Comet, a direct son of ADGA No.1 Elite buck Six M Galaxy Noel's Comet who is a son of Six M Galaxy Sonia Noel, one of the herd's best does if not the best. Sonia Noel was consistent top ten performer for almost 8 years.  I crossed Comet to a daughter of Aja Sammati JB Grand Sophy, another power house doe in production and components from ADGA top ten performance.  Sophy made Top Ten 2009 #2 Production #3 BF #8 Protein, 2010 Top Ten #6 Production #3 BF, 8th in Butter Fat in 2011 and 2013 BF#5. Every comet has an orbit to keep it in space. Orbit will be a fundamental buck in our herd for production and type traits for years to come. 

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